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Essential But Hard To Find Macintosh Sofware and Advice

By Randy B. Singer

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For years Windows users have gone around saying that there is a lack of different sorts of software for the Macintosh.  "There is no accounting software for the Macintosh," they would say.  Or "there are no good e-mail clients."  Often that has seemed to be true, because it is so difficult to find certain types of Macintosh software. 

The Mac App Store is often of little or no help, because a lot of software developers who create Macintosh software don't want to have to (or can't afford to) pay Apple a portion of their profits just to have their software appear in their store.  Or their software doesn't meet Apple's guidelines for being in the Mac App Store. 

So, I've tracked down as much essential software as I could that users have often lamented that they couldn't find adequate examples of.  I've preseented it all as easy to access lists on various Web pages that I have created.

In addition, I've created Web pages that provide information about topics of great interest to Macintosh users (based on questions that Macintosh users ask on Macintosh discussion lists all the time), such as what one should be doing with regard to routine maintenance, how to solve vexing slowdown problems and where to find high quality free software for the Macintosh.

Here, in no particular order, are the Macintosh Web sites that I have to offer:

Free Macintosh Software
(The best free applications and utilities for the Macintosh.)

Macintosh Word Processors
(For those looking for a word processor that is not Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages.)

Macintosh Accounting Software
(Loads of choices for both business accounting and personal finance software.  A growing number of users are looking to ditch Quicken.  This is the place to look for a replacement.)

Macintosh Time and Billing Software
(Anyone who has a job where they bill based on their time needs one of these apps.  Plus, there is a new generation of timekeeping software that work automatically!)

Macintosh Email Software
(You have a lot of choices beyond Apple's Mail program.  Many programs specialize in reducing e-mail clutter, and helping you prioritize getting things done.)

Law Office Management Software for the Macintosh
(Attorneys rely on these hard to find products.)

Macintosh Slowdown Solutions
(Having your Macintosh slow down isn't "normal".  You can almost always restore your Mac, even an old Mac, to the level of performance it had when new.)

Macintosh Beachballs!
(Seeing the rotating beachball cursor too often can be very frustrating.  This site instructs you in how to fix the problem.)

Upgrading To The Latest Macintosh OS
(Suggestions for when and how to upgrade to the latest version of the Macintosh operating system.)

Macintosh Routine Maintenance
(Want your Mac to always be running at peak performance?  Here's how.)

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