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Macintosh accounting programs have been too difficult for users to find.  That's too bad, because even though the myth that “there are no accounting programs for the Macintosh” is prevalent, the truth is that this has always been one of the Mac's better covered areas. 

So, a while back I started cataloging all of the accounting software for the Macintosh.  It turns out that there are *a lot* of accounting programs for the Macintosh!  Here are all of the ones that I know of.

★★★ These applications/services have been especially popular with users and/or reviewers and might be worth extra consideration. Note that this is not a review site.  Products without this mark are likely to still be excellent, and any one of them might be the perfect choice for your needs.  Most offer a free demo.  Checking out the free demo of a few likely candidates is probably the best way to choose the right program for you.

(NOTE: Any discrepancies between the prices listed here, and the pricing on the developer's Web site, or the Apple Store, are irrelevant.  The price you should expect to pay for a product is the one that the developer asks you to pay, not the one listed here.)


Quickbooks is the 500 pound gorilla in this category.  However, Intuit (Quickbooks' developer) is a company that historically has treated Macintosh users as second class citizens, and they are moving Quickbooks to a cloud-based model.  So many users have been looking at alternatives.

AbacusAccounts ($36)

($80)  ★★★
prints checks
Can integrate with the excellent business management program Studiometry.

AccountEdge Basic

AccountEdge Pro
Does Payroll
Does Inventory

Accounts ($30)


Appgen's MyBooks

Banana ($135)
Resident software that works on all of your computers and devices with perfect compatibility.

BeanCounter ($60)  ★★★
A powerful yet easy to use professional bookkeeping, time tracking, and invoicing application. It has a simple one window user interface.
Free demo:

Big Business  (priced based on features; highly customizable)
Does Inventory

Integrates with the personal information management program DayLite.

Book 'n Keep ($30)

Based on Filemaker Pro.

Business Accountz  (Monthly pricing based on type of business)

Clients & Profits X (Agency management software)
Job production and accounting software designed especially for creative  
businesses such as ad agencies, graphic design firms, and corporate marketing departments.

Connected Accounting (several versions based on size and needs of your company)

Corona ($65)
Does Payroll

EasyBooks (subscription price based on features)

Express Accounts ($80)

4th QuarterAccounting

General Ledger (formerly EasyMoney) ($15)

Genesis Accounting
Based on Filemaker Pro.

For project-oriented service businesses such as advertising agencies, architects, consulting companies, design firms, and engineering firms.

Government Contracts and Commercial Accounting Software

Loops (in German only)


Mac HaBu (shareware)

MoneyWorks  ★★★
(multiple versions available based on business requirements)
When you register MoneyWorks, they will send your accountant a free copy!
prints checks
Review: "Best":
Free video tutorials:


Home Accountz (£39)

QuickBooks  ★★★
Quickbooks has begun pushing users to their online product.  But their desktop product is still available:

Small Business Tracker Deluxe ($249)
Keeps track of your billable time, materials, inventory, income, expenses, schedules and more.

TinyBooks ($79)  ★★★
A simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system. TinyBooks is designed for Sole Proprietors, home and other small businesses.
Prints Checks

Vision X

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Brief Accounting

TimeNet Law

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Some users prefer cloud-based programs (i.e. software accessed via the Web and resident on a vendor's server) and some really don't care for the concept.  There are some noteworrthy advantages and disadvantages to cloud-based accounting programs that one should consider:

Advantages of a cloud-based accounting solution:
• Available anywhere you have internet access
• Available on all computers and devices
• Synchronization between all computers and devices
• Automatic software updates

Disadvantages of a cloud-based accounting solution:
• Subscription payments (you are paying for the program in perpetuity)
• Your data resides on someone else's server (which is a security concern)

• Whenever and where ever you have no internet access, you have no access to your accounting app

• If the company disappears overnight, do you lose all of your data?


FreshBooks ★★★
Chronomate for tracking time to use with Freshbooks.


Harvest  $12/month/person




Xero (price varies by services offered)
Does Payroll



Zoho Books

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Quicken is the market leader in this category.  Prior to being sold by it's owner, Intuit, many Macintosh users only used Quicken only grudgingly, as it lagged behind the Windows version in features and Mac users were treated like red-headed step-children.  Many Mac users actively looked for a Quicken alternative from a more Mac-centric company.  Now that Quicken has a new owner, it has become a cloud based-only service with subscription pricing.  Since many users don't want to have to pay in perpetuity for their personal accounting software, and/or they don't want their financial information in the cloud, there is still a strong market for an excellent Quicken alternative.  Fortunately there are several.

Note that there are some fine free applications in this category, marked with:

Bankbook (free)

Banktivity  (was: iBank) ($70)
prints checks
Banktivity Mobile (free)

Buddi (free)
Many users say that this free product is all that they need and that it is also easy to use.

Budget ($30)

Budgeteer  ($20)!budgeteer/cgt5

BudgetfM ($15)  (In German)

Cashculator ($30)

CheckBook/Pro  ($15/$25)

Checkbook Rec ($9)

Debit & Credit ($15)

Finance ($40)

Finances ($40)

Finance 101 (part of a Filemaker Pro template package) ($199)

General Ledger ($15) (formerly EasyMoney)

EasyMoney ($20)

Expense Detective ($20)

Finance ($20)

Fortora Fresh Finance ($50)

Growly Checkbook (free)

GNUCash (free and open source)
(GnuCash is both personal and small-business financial-accounting software.  Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.)
How to install:

Home Accountz (£39)

Horizon ($30)

iCash ($50)

iCompta ($27)
There is a mobile companion version of iCompta for the iPhone/iPad, which syncs with the desktop version. ($4)

iFinance ($36)
iFinance Mobile for iPhone $9
prints checks

JCash (free and open source)
Requires the installation of Java.

jGnash (free and open source)
Requires the installation of Java.

Koku ($30)

Liquid Ledger ($50)

Money ($40)
Money for iPhone ($2
Money for iPad ($5

MoneyBag ($15)
(nice interface!)

MoneyDance ($50)
prints checks
MoneyDance also has a number of extensions available for more esoteric and extended functions those can be selected from within MoneyDance under "Check for updates/extensions".
MoneyDance Mobile (free)

MoneyGuru ($30 contribution requested)

Money Plus ($10)

Moneyspire ($30)

MoneyWell ($60)

MoneyWiz ($25)

My Checkbook ($20)
My Checkbook Remote ($10)

My Money Minder ($12.50)

Personal Accountz

Pocket Cash ($22)

QuickFinance ($24)

Savings ($10)

SEE Finance ($30)
(I'm told that this program does a particularly good job of importing data from Quicken.)
iOS app ($5)

SplashMoney ($20)
Mobile companion ($5)

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Clear Checkbook



Mint  ★★★


Quicken  ★★★
Quicken Purchased from Intuit by H.I.G. Capital

Wave Accounting

YNAB (You Need A Budget)
YNAB for iPhone $5

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(Check printing software allows you to create blank checks for use with other finance software that doesn't include this feature.)  

BankCheckPrinter ($1)


ezCheckPrinting ($39)

Just Checking ($15)

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InStock ($15)

inventory tracking.Inventoria

Inventory Tracker Plus ($199)

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Offers payroll features to complement accounting programs that do not already include these features.


CheckMark Payroll
From the makers of Multiledger for accounting.

Connected Accounting Payroll
From the makers of Connected Accounting software.

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Works with Xero, FreshBooks, Quickbooks, and Quickbooks online


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Finance Platform

Hotline (several versions)

Investor R/T

Portfolio Analysis Review


Pro Analyst


Stock Investment Guide

Stock Spy


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QIF Master $19
Allows you to manipulate QIF files and imports/exports QIF and CSV files
which might be useful for users switching to/from Quicken or other
personal accounting apps.

MoneyWorks MYOB Converter (free)
Converts your MYOB or AccountEdge data into a MoneyWorks file.

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