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Discovery Matters

Research The Law For Your Case

Prepare for Trial

Administrative Matters

Employment Matters

Search The Web For Resources

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Discovery Matters

Get Information about opposing counsel
West Attorney Search
Martindale Hubbell
Legal Scape Directory
Any attorney and/or member of the legal profession
California attorneys
Los Angeles Law Online Los Angeles's largest legal resource and attorney directory.
Directory of New Hampshire attorneys
Attorney Locate

Get bar exam results
Bar exam info

Get info on opposition's expert witness
Deja News

Get info on any physician

Find an expert for your case
Tips on finding and selecting experts
Finding Experts
Picking Experts

Expert referrals

Expert Pages: Internet Directory of Experts
NoCall Expert Witness Information on the Internet

Consolidated Consultants Co.
(This company provides free referrals to experts nationally.)
Knock Knock

Legal Nurse Consultants




Expert Pages


Find law professors and schools on the Web
Law schools

Locate a local court reporter or ligation support service
DepoNet (Court reporters, process serving, interpreter services.)
National Association of Professional Process Servers

Depose experts without traveling!
video-conferencing public room location service
to take depositions from almost anywhere in the world; make high quality expert witnesses from other parts of the country, or anywhere in the world, available to clients locally (Commercial)
National Legal Video Association
(Covers issues relating to video depositions)

Locate people (Surprisingly effective Web sites that may obviate the need for a private investigator!)
Finding People on the Internet (An all-in-one search site.)
Database America's People Finder Residential Directory Assistance
Yahoo!'s People Search
Switchboard (Contains a database covering both people and businesses.)
Internet Address Finder
Big Foot
Database America (people/businesses)
People section of the All-In-One Search Page
The Arizona Lawyer's Guide to the Internet (Provides links to: KnowX, Deep Data,Stalker's Homepage, National Credit Information Network, and Find a Friend)
Kapitol of Belgium (provides links to international phone and fax white and yellow pages all over the world)
The Ultimate White Pages (Multiple search engine site)
Database of active military personnel

Find missing relatives, surviving ancestors, and family documents
NEWGEN (At this site you can subscribe to a discussion list devoted to finding missing relatives, surviving ancestors, and family documents.)

Locate someone via their phone number
Type in someone's phone number and these sites will tell you who it is...
(Great if you have caller ID for your phone!)
Investigator's Toolbox
Findlaw reverse directory
The Ultimates
AnyWho (click the "Reverse Lookup" tab.)

Find out about a company
Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database
The Thomas Register (A very comprehensive listing for manufacturing companies and suppliers.)
Japanese Companies (Complete, very detailed, English language translations of the official financial statements of every company (1800+) listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Free Edgar

State Corporate Records/Secretary of State (Find corporate agents for service of process.)
Secretaries of State

(See also Switchboard and Database America, under "Locating People", above.)

Get information about people
InfoTel (Look up *criminal* records.) (Commercial)
Legal Data Search, Inc. ("LDS") (a web site which assists users in the location of data sources relevant to the legal profession. e.g. public records, liens, tax law, divorce or numerous other topics of necessity to lawyers and other members of the legal community. The cost for a two hour search session is $10.00)

North Carolina criminal records
(commercial, may expand to other states)
Online Computer Searches YOU Run From Your Computer Yourself (Skip Trace; Assets Searches; Background Checks; Pre-Employment; Credit Screening; Locate Missing Persons; etc.) (Commercial)
Webgator: Investigative Resources on the Web
The Internet Department of Motor Vehicles (Commercial; about $20/search) (Driver record history, license plate search)
Vehicle History Report
(Use a vehicle's identification number to track its accident
record. Commercial. $20)
Sherlock (Commercial; about $20/search) (Locate Missing Persons, find Lost Relatives, obtain Addresses and Phone Numbers of old school friends, even Skip Trace Dead Beat Spouses. A sophisticated Public Record database designed to automatically crack your case.)
The American Information Network
(Commercial; about $20/search)
(Wide range of Individual and Consumer Backgrounds, Personal Locator Records and Reports, Business and Corporate Records)
The American Information Network
(free) (AIN has compiled a list of links to various search related sites.)
Big Book Yellow Pages
(businesses and people)
(Locate a person, do a background check, search business records.)
Black Book Online
(Free Web Searches for Investigators.)
Helpful in finding out if someone is still alive, or when they were born, or their Social Security number. Useful for real estate title searches.

Find out what your case is worth!
Jury Verdicts
Verdicts and Settlements Database of Law Journal EXTRA!
New York verdicts and settlements
National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers
New York Jury Verdict Reporter

Jury Trends (Statistical Analysis)
Cornell University's Judicial Statistical Inquiry Form
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Institute for Civil Justice
Health Care Liability Alliance (Trends in medical malpractice lawsuits.)

Research The Law For Your Case

Get Information on industry standards
Links to Standards and Codes. (Invaluable for product liability and personal injury cases.)

Look up legal terminology
WWLIA Legal Dictionary
WWLIA Legal Dictionary2
The 'Lectric Law Library Lawcopedia's Legal Terms. Definitions & Explanations
Black's Legal Dictionary (not a comprehesive resource)
Common Banking, Legal and Real Estate Terms
Legal Dictionary for Non-Lawyers
Comprehensive Financial Glossary

Find government resources
Government Resources on the Internet
Govbot (A database of Government web sites)
The Extreme United States Information Server
Avalon Project (Historic Documents in Law, History and Government)
The History Net (A great site for history buffs)
US Army
US Air Force
US Central Intelligence Agency
US Coast Guard
US Navy
US Federal Emergency Management Agency
US Marine Corps
Links to Law Enforcement Agencies on-line
Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee
US House of Representatives - Democratic Conference
US House of Representatives - Republican Conference

Search for patents yourself!
Patent Search (U.S. full text patent searching back to 1976, free)

Determine if your case is certifiable as a class action.
Class action litigation

Quickly find the address and phone number of any State or Federal Court
(Federal District Courts)
Want Publishing directory of federal and state courts

Learn how to do legal research on the Internet
The Complete Internet Researcher (a guide for legal professionals wanting to conduct research on the Internet)
Internet Skills and Strategies for the Legal Researcher (Instruction on finding, using and evaluating legal web sites. It focuses on U.S. federal law, but also offers guidance for finding state, local, and foreign law.)

Everything you need to know about how to do legal research
Texas Legal Research Index (This site is designed for Texas, but the techniques are applicable in just about any state.)
Legal Research and Writing homepage

Outlines of different areas of the law
legal outlines by subject

Family law resources
Family law litigation resources (how to find case law, statutes, information on experts and other informal discovery)

Find the holdings of just about any law school law library
Law libraries

Get information about law schools
The Rule of Law Foundation (Just do a keyword search for the name of the school, and you can find out the URL.)

Legal publications (newspapers)
NewsTrawler (retrieves the summaries of articles from the archives of hundreds of online information sources around the world like newspapers, journals and magazines --including legal sources)
Lawyers Weekly (Free, but subscribers get access to the archive article)

Find out about just about any law book publisher
Legal book publishers

Research law review articles
Law Review Articles
USC index of law review and journal articles
Findlaw (keyword searchable)
Northern Light
(Has quite a few law review and journal articles not available on the web in their Special Collection, for sale on approval at nominal prices.)

Find the law
Links to Substantive Law on the World Wide Web

Research divorce cases
Divorce (everything that you might want to know)

Verify (Shepardize) the law
West Keycite service (similar to Shepards) Free for a limited time.

Prepare for Trial

Arbitrate instead of litigate!
American Arbitration Association (Source for arbitrators and rules relating
to arbitration proceedings)

San Francisco courts online

San Francisco discovery and law and motion, tentative rulings, procedures, policies, continuing education etc.

Cite cases correctly
Blue Book
Proper form for legal citations
Basic Legal Citation

Legal Citation of Internet Resources

Create Demonstrative Evidence for Trial
Visuallaw (commercial.)
Browning Co.

Online child support calculators
California (Pegasus-commercial)

California (free)
Ohio Child Support Calculator
Peopleslaw (shared physical custody)

Get legal forms
U.S. Legal Forms (This site contains over 12,000 business and litigation forms.)
Prepare legal documents online (most of them for free)!
Forms Collections and Forms Indexes
General legal practice forms
Quickforms ("QuickForm Contracts Online" automates drafting 30 agreements for computer/web
industry transactions.)
US Bankruptcy Forms
Legal and Business Forms
Legal and Business Forms2 (esp. Texas)
Web-Law Partner (Legal and Business Forms - Commercial)
National forms
Uncle Sam--Forms From the Feds
Legal forms and documents

Corporate Forms (Free legal forms drafted by top corporate and securities attorneys.)
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Internet Legal Resource Guide (forms metaindex)
Legal Ease
Tax Forms - Estate & Personal (You can download tax forms in a variety of formats, including pdf. You can then use Adobe Acrobat (see: to enter the data. You can order IRS forms on CD from the same site.)
Tax forms for completion *by hand*
Brief Reporter, LLC (Federal, California and other briefs.)
All Law (Huge forms links page)
Bankruptcy Forms & Schedules in MS Word 6.0 format (FREE)
Immigration Forms in MS Word 6.0 format (FREE)
American Institute of Architects (Contract forms for
use when developing a contract with an architect, or with a general
contractor, etc.)
Limited Liability Corporation Forms

Corporate and Securities Legal Forms


Free California Judicial Council forms!

Do You Want More Clients?


Administrative Matters

Enforce a judgement!
Enforcing Legal Judgments

Form a corporation or file a trademark
Incorporation and Trademark services

Receive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) over the Internet!
(Audio and video seminars online.)
Tennessee Bar Association (6 hours of courses are currently listed)
CLE Central (Search tool for all types of CLE, including online.)
Attorney Stuff

Find office space.
Offices2Share A real estate website devoted to bringing together those with excess
office space and those who want to share that space -- perfect for attorneys.

Turn the telephone into a dictaphone!
Dictate on a phone or into your computer by microphone and the service returns by e-mail or the Web the transcription of your dictation. (About $ 3.50 per page, free trial.)
World Wide Dictation
The Dictation Station

Educate clients!
LawDocs 4Consumers (consumer-oriented online legal pamphlets and articles published by bar associations, state attorneys general, and government agencies)
The New York Courts & Law Guide (Links to more than 100 documents, written in plain English, that explain the courts and laws of New York to non-lawyers.)

Find the selling and buying prices for almost any car!
Kelly Blue Book

Find the exact time of sunrise and sunset on any particular date at any location. (Comes in handy when one witnesses says it was dark , and another witness says the sun was just setting and that's why they didn't have their headlights on.)
Sunset finder

Write to Congress
Directory of E-Mail Addresses for Congress
(includes e-mail addresses for various Senate and House Committees and web sites where they exist)

Make preparations to send your kids to college!
College Cost Calculator
College Calculator
College Savings Calculator

Have all the reference materials you could ever need!
VirtualReference Desk (Almost anything can be found here.)
Research It! (Thesaurus, Universal Translator, Zip codes, more.)
Washburn University School of Law (From AreaCodes To ZipCodes)
Re: QUEST dot Net

Get the county for any US city
County lookup

Get telephone area codes
Area Code Lookup
U. Of Kansas (Under the "Phone Books, Area Codes and Email" category)
International dialing codes

A large collection of online calculators
Calculators On-Line

Frankenfeld (Commercial. Pro Bono application available.) (Figure present value on
complex structural settlements and analyze personal injury cases.) (A truly impressive assortment of calculators.) mortgage calculator
Instant Foreign Currency Conversions

Pinpoint an address on a map
Yahoo! map location

Get instant, accurate, written directions on how to get from one place to another
Zip2 Door-to-Door Directions
MapsOnUs (Not only draws a map for you but writes out the directions with how many miles to go between turns.)

Speed up outgoing mail delivery
United States Post Office ZIP Code Lookup
(Find Zip codes, including nine digit zip codes which speed up mail delivery. Use of this Web site, in conjunction with an envelope addressing program that prints postal bar codes, such as the excellent shareware program EasyEnvelopes for the Macintosh, can cut the time that it takes a letter to reach its destination, on the average, to one day.)

Ship packages
SmartShip (Provides comparative pricing and package tracking for several overnight companies.)
UPS (Calculate UPS fees)
Federal Express Home Page (Track your FedEx shipment)

Check your private e-mail via the Web from anywhere in the world!
E-mail forward

Send a FAX from your computer to anywhere on the planet via the Internet!
First $5 worth of faxing is free. Simply click here to send e-mail to When the e-mail form appears, change "faxnumber" in the address to the phone number of the fax machine you wish to send the document to; starting with country code (1 for North America). Then just send your mail as if it was an ordinary e-mail message. Example: will send your e-mail message to the fax machine at 1-213-862-2362

Receive faxes and/or voicemail via the Web, anywhere in the world

Never Miss An Important Date Again!
Infobeat reminders
(You never have to miss a filing date, birthday or anniversary again. These free e-mail services send you a reminder e-mail a week before and the day before an important event, just to make sure you don't forget.)

Get The News Delivered Right To Your Computer
(A free service from Mercury Mail, delivers a daily e-mail summary of news topics based on your specified interests. The day's news from the wire is delivered each evening, edited and condensed. Links to the full stories are always provided, in case you want more in-depth information.)

Employment Matters

Get a job!
(This portion of my site has proven to be very popular, so I have drastically expanded it!)
Legal Employment Search Site (employment)
lawjobs-l by subject or thread
lawjobs-l chronologically
Washburn U. LawJobs WWW
Washburn U. LawJobs WWW2
The Seamless Website Legal Job Center
Law-Info Employment Center
Law Journal Extra Employment Center
U of Kansas
U.S. Department of Justice Job Listings (gopher)
Hieros Gamos Legal Employment Classified
America's Job Bank Job Search Index
Legal Jobs Page
Emplawyernet (the nation's largest online law job database)
Cal Law
Chicago Legal Search
Hieros Gamos Legal Employment Classifieds
Law Forum
Law Info
Lawyers Weekly Classifieds
Public Service JobNet
USC Career Services
Government Law Jobs
J.D. magazine (A magazine for law students which runs free classified advertisements for any legal employer who wants to hire a law student, clerk, or recent graduate.)
Findlaw (Attorneys and law students seeking legal employment)
The New York Law Journal's Law Jobs page

Create a professional-looking resume!
Attorney Web Resume Maker

Effectively market your practice!
The Lawyer's Marketing Survival Guide

Search The Web For Resources

Web Search Engines
ANZWERS (Billed as: The Most Powerful Search Engine in the World)
AskJeeves (A unique and incredibly cool search site. Try it!)
Fast Search
InFind (meta search engine, inference find)
i-Search (Integrated search site that utilizes several search engines at once.)
LookSmart (One of the favorites of the Webmaster of this site)!
McKinley's Magellan Internet Directory
MetaCrawler (Covers many other engines in one query.)
Microsoft Network
Northern Lights (Automatically places the results of one's search in a "custom folder" which the searcher can then
explore as desired.)
Open Market
Starting Point
StudyWEB (A "subject-tree" heirarchical search engine)
The Whole Internet Catalog
WiseWire (An "Intelligent Agent" search engine. It can gradually "learn" your interests.)
World Wide Yellow Pages
WWW Worm
Yanoff Services List

Legal Search Sites
The Law Engine

Search for documents in any language on the Web or Usenet
Altavista language search

Instantly translate any text, or bring up any Web page, in the foreign language of your choosing! *ULTRA COOL!!!* (though the results can sometimes be humorous)
Direct Translation Page
Enterprise Translation Server


Find a graphic or photograph on the Web
It has always been easy to search the Web for keywords or phrases using various search engines (many of which are listed here on my Attorney's Toolbox Web site). But now you can search the Web for graphics or photos that you are looking for!
InfoSeek's Imageseek
Lycos (they have a "picture" option)

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