Randy B. Singer, Esq.

Randy B. Singer is an attorney living and practicing in Sacramento, California. Mr. Singer practiced in downtown San Francisco for many years, and then in Woodland, California. He specializes in complex civil litigation. He served as a frequent judge pro-tem several years in Yolo County.
Mr. Singer is one of the co-authors of The Macintosh Bible (the world's best selling book about the Macintosh computer). He was one of the largest contributing authors to the 4th, 5th and 6th editions. He has also been published in other computer publications, such as Computer Currents, Macworld, and a host of other publications too numerous to mention.
Randy Singer's latest book is called The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office, and it is published by the American Bar Association. This book lists all of the law office software made specifically for the Macintosh computer, along with tips on how to choose law office software, how to set up an office network, and how to choose practice aids.
Mr. Singer is the moderator of MacAttorney, the premier Macintosh computer user group for attorneys. (At this writing there are well over 4,000 Macintosh-using attorneys who are members of MacAttorney!)

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Mr. Singer has also been the moderator of the Macintosh Bible forum on America Online, and of the Hardware and Modem forums on PlanetBMUG (the electronic bulletin board of the world's largest Macintosh user's group.)
Mr. Singer was an Apple Legal Fellow (an elite corps of attorney/computer consultants designated by Apple Computer - this program is now defunct), and his work has appeared in Law Office Computing and Law Technology News
Mr. Singer is the Webmaster of:
Mr. Singer co-hosted the yearly MACLO (Macintosh in the Law Office) trade show held each January in San Francisco, concurrent with MacWorld Expo. (MACLO is now, sadly, defunct.) MACLO was the world's largest trade show specifically for attorneys who use the Macintosh computer. (MACLO had no affiliation with MacWorld Expo.)
Mr. Singer is the founder of the Berkeley Macintosh User's Group Legal Special Interest Group, which was a monthly user group meeting for attorneys who use the Macintosh computer. BMUG was (at the time) the world's largest Macintosh user's group.

Mr. Singer can be reached at:

Randy B. Singer
Attorney at Law
5142 Dynasty Way
Sacramento, CA 95835

E-mail: randy@macattorney.com

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