For now, my Web sites (Substantive Law on the World Wide Web and The List of Law Office Software for the Macintosh Computer) are in their formative stage. I am still building the sites and slowly spreading word of their existance. As an advertiser you can get in on the ground floor of these sites. Substantive Law on the World Wide Web has broad appeal and will be extensively advertised to law schools, state and local bar associations, legal publications, and on the Web itself. The List of Law Office Software for the Macintosh Computer site is already wildly popular, and its popularity seems to be growing exponentially. I plan to heavily advertise the site and add compelling editorial content in the near future.

These sites are the perfect place to advertise legal assistance services to people indulging in self-help. Or to advertise CD-ROM or online legal research products to attorneys who have been frustrated by the low quality of law available on the Web with its lack of summaries and headnotes. Or these sites would be the perfect place to advertise law-related books, either self-help for the general public, or practice guides for attorneys.

I am open to any type of advertising arrangement at this early stage. Though I have no interest in click-through type advertising arrangements. I can add banners, link to entire Web pages that you have created or which I can create for you, I can even offer animation and other multi-media enhancements. Whatever you want. Price is negotiable. Contact this site's author to discuss it. I can be reached at:

Randy B. Singer, Esq.

1431 Edwards Circle

Woodland, CA 95776-5775

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